ATA GDO-11 Ero

ATA GDO-11 Ero

  • Courtesy light
  • Auto Profiling
  • Affordable reliability
  • Soft start / stop
  • 2 year warranty

Door Descriptions

An Ero® industry leading offer, the ATA GDO-11 ERO motorised garage door opener is the ultimate value for money for homeowners. Designed with features that ensure your ATA GDO-11 ERO runs smoother and more efficient than ever, and a 650N DC motor that will drive most standard residential sectional doors, this is the entry level garage door opener to make your automation desires a reality.

It’s the number one choice for new homebuyers, and for all the right reasons. Packaged to include the really important features including TrioCode™, Intelligent Safety System, Door Profiling and Soft Start/Soft Stop. It also includes a Standard Courtesy Light, and importantly a service indicator to remind you when your door needs servicing.

Start your new home the right way with the ATA GDO-11 ERO motorised garage door opener. Call Correct Garage Doors today on 07 3804 1635 or enquire online to speak to one of our friendly team members today.